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Mother Earth
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In December 1997 histories most Important meeting took place in Kyoto, Japan. The world and Its top leaders all gathered with the soul intention of coming to an agreement about the planets climate. Something had to be done about the ever increasing damage to our atmosphere, future generations must be protected. Today Kyoto means we could drop greenhouse emmissions 5% from 1990 levels by the year 2012. To this day Canada and the United States still have not Ratified. The Carbon Club (oil rich industries) continiously sabatoge efforts for cleaning things up... and what the Kyoto meeting really did was just trick the masses into believing something was being done. This journal is for education purposes only. I think educating people about our planet is the only way for us to respect it. Please join of your own free will and help inform people with posts of anything ecological. Disastrous or otherwise.

Yours truly
Mother Earth