.m. (vinyl86) wrote in the_reef,

Kyoto! Kyoto! Kyoto!

If only America's leaders were as smart as Canadians.

So, there's this thing called the Kyoto Protocol. It was ratified in Canada in 2002, and the basic "jist" of it was was that it is the only international agreement that sets targets to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change. It represents a decade of negotiations, and includes mechanisms to provide efficient implementation. (That definition was taken from David Suzuki's Page on the Kyoto Protocol.

So anyway. Bush refuses to sign this because it would be "bad for the economy."


Let me get this straight. Isn't the economy in place to help us? It's not our job to help the economy.


I wonder what our environment will be like by the time Bush finally gets out of office. He doesn't seem to care about greenhouse gas, the ozone layer, deforestion of rain forests, how the dirty air is affecting people's health, etc.

The last time I checked, the economy doesn't do humans any good if we're being killed by what Bush ignores.
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