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Sunday, September 7th, 2008
4:56 pm
COyou2 - Saving the planet one breath at a time
This site looks interesting, it's talking about personal carbon capture and storage as a strategy to prevent climate change:

"Did you know that human beings themselves are major emitters of carbon dioxide? We all know about reducing our electricity consumption and taking fewer flights, but isn’t all this a little pointless when one basic, everyday activity cancels it all out?

Each day every human being breathes out an average of 1 kg of CO2. That’s 0.38 tonnes a year. Now multiply that by 6.7 billion! That’s a lot of CO2.

COyou2 person carbon capture systems allow you to store that CO2 and do your bit to stop climate change. The COyou2 patented technology works by filtering the air you breathe out, capturing the carbon in a convenient lightweight backpack.

That’s why we all need to use personal carbon capture systems. At the end of the day, there are 21 million of us and only one government – so what are you waiting for?"

I've just ordered a catalogue, it's definitely worth checking out, after all, every little thing makes a difference. I never thought about human beings as being responsible for major carbon emissions, but I'm always looking for ways to lessen my carbon footprint.

What do you guys think?
Saturday, June 7th, 2008
1:00 am
Australian Coastal and Marine Experts answering questions
just thought i'll share it with everyone here, if you would like to ask a coastal or marine expert a question

click here to join in the conversations : http://www.coastcare.com.au/Page/Expert+Panel.aspx
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
11:47 am
Freeping the Weather Channel
Dr. Heidi Cullen gets a swift boating hit job, complete with a fanatical freeping of the One Degree blog, by an apparently well-orchestrated onslaught from the minions of Inhofe's 'Pet Weisel', Marc Morano", Fox News, and it would not be complete without the rigorous scientific review of the Limbaugh Cover Story & it's Ditto Heads.

For the record, what The Weather Channel's Dr. Heidi Cullen, Ph.D. in Oceanography/Climate from Lamont-Doherty , has actually written is not what has been repeatedly claimed she has said by many in the Right Wing press, blogosphere, and .gov websites with Inhofe's fingerprints all over them. Read more...Collapse )

Cross Posted & LJ Cut for your consideration.
Friday, August 4th, 2006
2:02 pm
NOVA SCOTIA ACTION ALERT: Help save our forests!
The Nova Scotia government's going to be developing a new Natural Resources strategy over the next year, made up of Forests, Mining, Parks, and Biodiversity sections -- and it's going to be a longterm, at least 10-year, plan. That strategy will determine the future of our landscapes, our forests, our parklands and our natural resources -- for many years to come.

A keystone of the Ecology Action Centre's Standing Tall campaign has been to open up public consultations around the Natural Resources strategy: we want the government to listen to all Nova Scotians with an interest in the health of our forests. We've emphasized that the very best route would be to use Voluntary Planning, a provincial policy forum that carried out the ATV consultations in 2004.

Why are we so concerned about how the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources will manage these consultations? Because NS DNR's track record on public consultation is terrible. Nova Scotians remember the game sanctuary delisting controversy. Or the ATV debate. Or the IRM consultations. Or the development of the existing Forest Strategy in the mid-1990s. Or any one of the other issues on which the Department has asked for public opinion -- and then ignored it.

Standing Tall needs your help -- now!

During the election campaign, the Nova Scotia Environment Network asked Premier Rodney Macdonald, on behalf of the Conservative Party, "If elected, will your government commit to ensuring that these consultations are conducted by a third party and are truly inclusive of the Nova Scotia public, being conducted in communities across the Province and open to everyone who wishes to participate?"

Premier Macdonald responded:

Yes, a Progressive Conservative government will continue our commitment to ensuring that public consultations are conducted by a third-party and are inclusive of the Nova Scotia public, being conducted in communities across the Province and open to everyone who wishes to participate.

Voluntary Planning is a citizens' policy forum that operates arm's length to the provincial government. Our mandate is to engage non-governmental volunteers and citizens in policy discussions important to the future of Nova Scotia. Members participate on task forces, project teams and sector committees representing many aspects of the economy and society. Policy advice and recommendations go forward through our Board of Directors to the Premier and Executive Council via the Minister of Treasury and Policy Board.

In carrying out their work, members and staff adhere to an approach and guiding principles that are based on Voluntary Planning's extensive public policy experience.

To this end, Voluntary Planning strives to include all Nova Scotians geographically, sectorally and socially; and to operate in the service of government's policy needs but at arms' length from government. Finally, the process is transparent so that it is fair, and is perceived to be fair, in representing the views of citizens. Further information on the Voluntary Planning mission and its principles can be found on

The Department of Natural Resources is still refusing to commit to using Voluntary Planning. We've written the Premier and the Minister of Natural Resources highlighting this promise, and we'll be meeting with the Minister soon.

But we also need your help.

Please, call or email the Premier and the Minister ASAP, and tell them you want Voluntary Planning tasked right away with the Natural Resources Strategy consultations. They've promised. Let's hold them to it.

Premier Rodney Macdonald
Telephone: 902-424-6600
Toll-free Message Line: 1-800-267-1993
email: premier@gov.ns.ca

The Hon. David Morse
Minister of Natural Resources
Telephone: 902-424-4037
email: MIN_DNR@gov.ns.ca

If you send an email, it helps to cc: it to your local MLA, if you're living in Nova Scotia. If you don't know their email address, check the alphabetical list of MLAs and click on your member's name. Their email address, if available, will be on the next web page.

Thanks. And please -- feel free to sign up to Standing Tall's Forest Alert! email list!

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
10:19 am
Monday, July 31st, 2006
3:49 pm

Bald Eagle in Winter (Photo: NPS)

Help us reach our goal of 15,000 comments by the August 3rd deadline

Actions taken:
Actions needed:

Take Action to Save Our Birds

The pesticide carbofuran is highly toxic to birds. In fact, just one granule of carbofuran is enough to kill a songbird.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to rule on the fate of this deadly pesticide this week. Your efforts could decide whether this toxic pesticide stays on the market or not.

Please fill out this form to send your email urging EPA official James Gulliford to protect birds, fish and mammals by removing carbofuran from the market.

Your comments will be most effective if they are personalized.If you would like to know more about carbofuran’s effects on birds, just click here. If you would like to know more about carbofuran’s effects on birds, just click here.

Sunday, July 9th, 2006
12:59 pm
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
8:56 pm
Lives in the Balance
Every bullet represents a mouthful of food stolen from a hungry child...


Current Mood: enraged
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
3:39 pm
Welcome to the Greenpeace Organizing Team
A Semester of Action!
The Greenpeace Organizing Team would like to invite you to be trained hands-on to become and environmental leader. We are inviting you to join a program that includes international travel, one-on-one training, and an incredible amount of fun!

Professional Training:
There are over 50 cutting-edge training in grassroots organizing, campaign skills, media strategy, and direct action. You will be trained by America's top environmental leaders in every issue from planning national campaigns to learning to drive the Greenpeace boats.

Travel Abroad:
There will be one week of of travel to meet international activists. In the past they have traveled to the Greenpeace headquarters in Amsterdam, and Paris to take part in a 500-person peace sign.

The Campaigns:
This is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a real Greenpeace campaign!

Tuition and Credit:
Tuition: $3,500, and limited scholarships are available on a need or merit base. The tuition covers training expenses, books and materials, cost during travel abroad including flight, food, and lodging.
Credit: This is something you are going to want to work out with your school Try to receive credit as an independent study or internship.

The Details:
What: Action filled semester and the BEST hands-on training you can get to become an environmental leader.
Who: You and 5-10 other top students from across the country.
When:Summer 2006: May 29t-Aug 4
Fall 2006: Sept 18-Dec 15
Where:Washington D.C. (Summer and Fall) and San Francisco (Fall)
You Get: Great skills, international travel experience, and life-long

Who Should Apply:
Students who are passionate, smart, visionary, and interested in protecting the environment. Rising freshmen and sophomores are preferred. Greenpeace strongly encourages applications from a variety of people. The best part is NO prior experience is necessary!

How to Apply:
Log onto: www.greenpeaceusa.org/got
Admissions are rolling, and two-thirds of the program participants are accepted through early admission.
Early Admission Deadline: Feb 3
Regular Deadline: Feb 24

Please help us gain a green and peaceful future!
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
4:49 pm
Endangered Species Act Attack- PLEASE CALL NOW
Congressman Richard Pombo (R-CA) has introduced a bill in Congress (HR 3824) which would totally gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA). It will undo 30 years of progress that has been made trying to save those on the edge. The bill is scheduled for committee vote this week (Thursday, 9/29) with a possible floor vote after that. Please call your congressman and urge him or her to oppose this bill. VOTE NO on the Pombo Wildlife Extinction Bill.
Some of the key provisions of the bill:

• Eliminate conservation measures on tens of millions of acres of land;
• Repeal established conservation measures that prohibit the killing or injuring of hundreds of threatened species;
• Require the federal government to pay developers, the oil industry and other special interest groups to keep them from killing or injuring publicly owned fish and wildlife.

You can contact your representative through the Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

If you would like to see the bill - http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/F?c109:7:./temp/~c109bSp2Q5:e1064

Analysis: (these are just a sampling, Google Pombo and read more)

Sierra Club - http://www.sierraclub.org/pressroom/releases/pr2005-09-16a.asp

Defenders of Wildlife - http://www.saveesa.org/learnmore/pdf/pomboanalysis.pdf

Environmental Defense - http://www.environmentaldefense.org/article.cfm?contentID=4790

A legislative analysis of the bill can be obtained at - http://www.sw-center.org/swcbd/press/pombo9-19-05.html

Please call now, this can't be allowed to pass.


On behalf of all creatures – thank you!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005
10:50 pm
Please sign this petition to protect the National Forests of the United States. You must be a US citizen to sign. The petition reads:

To: U.S. Congress
Dear members of Congress:

Please introduce the Forever Wild Act, as supported by the Native Forest Council, to the 109th session of Congress. Our public lands, now owned and hereafter acquired, deserve complete and total protection from extractive industries. Do everything in your power to eliminate all logging, road building, grazing, mining, and drilling on every acre of Federal public lands, including but not limited to: National Forests, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, BLM lands, and National Monuments.


The Undersigned


thanks for your support!

Carey Ella
Thursday, August 11th, 2005
4:33 pm
Essay Contest focussing on animal advocacy, environmentalism
Lantern Books is proud to announce our first annual essay contest.
The aim of our essay competition is to allow new thinking to emerge
on the key subjects of Lantern's publishing program and to encourage
new voices to step forward to shape the debate of the future. Please
read the rules and guidelines below.

We'd like essays to focus on the animal advocacy, vegetarian, or
environmental movements.
We encourage those wishing to enter to familiarize themselves with
Lantern's core subject areas by exploring our website:
Judges will be looking for originality of vision, knowledge of the
subject, skill in presenting an argument, and literary merit.

$1000 first prize
$500 second prize
$250 third prize
Winners will be announced on March 21, 2006.
Prize money will be paid by check in US dollars.
Winning essays may be published in the next Lantern catalogue, on the
Lantern website, and in other venues (information will be forthcoming).

How to Enter

Essays should be no longer than 1500 words.
Essays must be submitted by midnight on December 31, 2005.
Anyone of any age can submit an essay from anywhere in the world, but
all essays should be in standard English.
Do not include your name, address, or other identifying information
within the essay itself. This is to ensure that your essay will be
judged anonymously.
Essays should be submitted as an email attachment in rich text (.RTF)
format or in Microsoft Word (.DOC) format and mailed to
Please include the following information within the body of the email:
Phone number
Email address
If you cannot email your essay, you may mail it double-spaced, double-
sided to Lantern's address:
Lantern Books
Attn: Essay Competition
One Union Square West, Suite 201
New York, NY 10003
Include your name, mailing address, email, and phone number in a
separate cover letter included with your essay.

For more information on competition rules and up-to-date
announcements, visit http://lanternbooks.com/essay.php
Monday, May 9th, 2005
6:14 pm
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
8:13 pm
For those of us in Canada...
Every week she takes a wry look at Canadian happenings and political hiccups, she has been nominated for a Gemini for her one-woman comedy special and has kept Canadians laughing from coast to coast with her own comedy series. Now Jessica Holmes, the newest member of the Royal Canadian Air Farce ensemble, will also be the MC for our Goodbye King Coal Celebration on May 26th.

We're making sure Jessica will have lots of material to work with. She will be joined by our keynote speaker, Premier Dalton McGuinty, as well as Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion and Deputy Opposition Leader Elizabeth Witmer.

It all adds up to the makings of a great evening celebrating the first big step toward a coal phase-out in Ontario: the shutdown of the GTA's No. 1 industrial air polluter, the Lakeview Generating Station.

For more information on the event and to order tickets securely online, please visit www.cleanairalliance.org/kingcoal.html or call Jessica Fracassi at 416-926-1907 x245. It's not everyday that we get to celebrate a major public health and environmental victory, so be sure to get your tickets today!

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

Jessica Fracassi

Communications & Membership Coordinator

Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Phone: 416-926-1907 ext. 245

Fax: 416-926-1601

Email: info@cleanair.web.ca

Website: www.cleanairalliance.org

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health, environmental and consumer organizations, faith communities, unions, utilities, municipalities and individuals working for cleaner air through strict emission limits and a phase-out of coal in the electricity sector. Our partner organizations represent more than six million Ontarians.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list please visit www.cleanair.web.ca/getin.

For more on how you can contribute to clearing Ontario's air through your electricity purchases, please see our consumer-advice website: www.electricitychoices.org.

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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
11:22 pm
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
8:17 pm
Kyoto..... Day three...
From my friends at lepidopterists

Mexico's Monarch Report
Mexico Reports 75-Percent Drop in the Number of Monarch Butterflies

February 17, 2005 — By Mark Stevenson, Associated Press
MEXICO CITY — The Mexican government said on Tuesday that 75 percent fewer Monarch butterflies have appeared at wintering grounds here, largely blaming conditions in the United States and Canada for the decline.

The steep drop may have been due to cold weather and intensive farming practices -- including genetically modified crops -- in areas of the United States and Canada where the butterflies spend the summer and reproduce, the Environment Department said.

The report marks the first time in recent years that Mexico has blamed other countries -- rather than its own continuing problems with illegal logging of central Mexico fir forests that make up the winter nesting grounds -- for declines in the butterfly population.

Activists and researchers suggested Mexico may be trying to offload some of the blame, after its own highly-publicized efforts to stop illegal logging ran up against often violent resistance from logging gangs.

"This is an incomplete and tendentious report, that seeks to put all the blame on other countries which do share responsibility," said Homero Aridjis, whose Group of 100 environmental organization has long opposed illegal logging.

The Mexican government said the decline was due to a number of factors, including an unusually cold summer in the United States and a high mortality rate for the butterflies in Mexico in 2003 due to cold, wet conditions.

"It is clear that the migratory phenomenon of the Monarch Butterfly ... is not at risk," the Environment Department said. "This is a species with a great capacity for recovering from die-offs."

However, the announcement focused almost exclusively on events in the United States and Canada, including "industrial agriculture that displaced breeding and feeding grounds," "the use of herbicides and loss of habitat," and the planting of genetically modified crops not used in Mexico.

The government claimed Mexican forests "are healthy or in full recovery," and that logging had been completely eradicated in the butterfly reserves, statements disputed by activists like Aridjis, who say illegal logging is a huge problem.

"The main problem is the illegal loggers," Aridjis said. "If nothing is done, looking at it pessimistically, we're going to see fewer and fewer butterflies."

In some widely publicized laboratory experiments, Monarch butterfly caterpillars did die after eating milkweed coated with genetically modified corn pollen. In its own studies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said there probably is little risk to butterflies.

While acknowledging that U.S. and Canada factors played a role in the butterflies' problems, one researcher who spoke on condition of anonymity said Mexico was trying to put a spin on the research results.

The announcement was based on a report of total nesting ground areas prepared by Mexican government agencies, the World Wildlife Fund, and Mexican and U.S. researchers.

Researchers measured the area covered by butterflies, a fairly accurate indicator since they tend to literally blanket forest areas in dense orange-and-black clumps.

The government called the conclusions preliminary, based on reports from 12 of the 22 nesting grounds, and said they would have to be confirmed with further study.

The annual arrival of butterflies from across North America to winter in Mexico -- where they stay from October to late March -- is an aesthetic and scientific wonder.

The butterflies have proved remarkably resistant to both natural and manmade threats. In 2001, driving rain and bitter cold killed millions, leading scientists to speculate that migrating populations would be seriously depleted in 2002. To their surprise, anywhere from 200 million to more than 500 million monarchs returned that year -- twice as many as some predicted.

Source: Associated Press
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
9:24 am
Greenhouse gas
Does anyone have any (credible, please...like .gov) websites to recommend about the effects of greenhouse gases?
Monday, February 14th, 2005
10:15 pm
Still not enough but a good start...
Nanticoke #1 Carbon Dioxide Emitter in North America

Coal Phase-Out Will Provide 50 to 80% of Ontario’s Kyoto Commitment

February 14, 2005 - Premier McGuinty’s commitment to phase-out Ontario’s coal-fired power plants will provide Ontario with approximately 50 to 80% of the total greenhouse gas emission reductions the entire province needs to meet its Kyoto Protocol target for 2010 according to a report, More Than Hot Air: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ontario Power Generation’s Coal-Fired Power Plants, released today by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.

The report also reveals that in 2002 Ontario’s Nanticoke coal-fired power plant, on Lake Erie, was the No. 1 source of carbon dioxide emissions amongst all of the electric generating stations in North America. Carbon dioxide is the principal greenhouse gas that causes climate change.

Phasing-out Ontario’s dirty coal-fired power plants is the province’s lowest-cost option to obtain a dramatic reduction in air pollution and to help meet its Kyoto target.

Please contact Federal Finance Minister Ralph Goodale, at Goodale.R@parl.gc.ca, and ask him to include, in his February 23rd budget, low-interest loans and tax incentives for energy conservation, renewables and natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants to help Canada achieve compliance with its Kyoto Protocol commitment.

Our report, More Than Hot Air, can be downloaded from our website: www.cleanairalliance.org.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

Jessica Fracassi

Communications & Membership Coordinator

Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Ph: (416)926-1907 ext. 245

Email: info@cleanair.web.ca

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health, environmental and consumer organizations, faith communities, unions, utilities, municipalities and individuals working for cleaner air through strict emission limits and a phase-out of coal in the electricity sector. Our partner organizations represent more than six million Ontarians.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to this list please visit www.cleanair.web.ca/getin.

For more on how you can contribute to clearing Ontario's air through your electricity purchases, please see our consumer-advice website: www.electricitychoices.org.
Saturday, February 12th, 2005
7:21 pm
Kyoto! Kyoto! Kyoto!
If only America's leaders were as smart as Canadians.

So, there's this thing called the Kyoto Protocol. It was ratified in Canada in 2002, and the basic "jist" of it was was that it is the only international agreement that sets targets to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change. It represents a decade of negotiations, and includes mechanisms to provide efficient implementation. (That definition was taken from David Suzuki's Page on the Kyoto Protocol.

So anyway. Bush refuses to sign this because it would be "bad for the economy."


Let me get this straight. Isn't the economy in place to help us? It's not our job to help the economy.


I wonder what our environment will be like by the time Bush finally gets out of office. He doesn't seem to care about greenhouse gas, the ozone layer, deforestion of rain forests, how the dirty air is affecting people's health, etc.

The last time I checked, the economy doesn't do humans any good if we're being killed by what Bush ignores.
Thursday, February 10th, 2005
8:33 pm
Hey, I just joined :)

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